Live Animal Capture Raccoon Traps

Safely remove raccoons with a humane raccoon trap

If you haven't already read our other pages to find out about safely removing raccoons, please do so! Once you are familiar with the risks and state laws in your area, then you can decide to trap and relocate raccoons in your home or on your property.

Raccoon traps are designed specifically for raccoons, however, you may find that depending how skillful you are at baiting the traps, and placement, you can end up catching a whole host of other small animals including moles, feral cats, woodchucks, skunks and so on... It is important that you are prepared to deal with any of these situations before you set you raccoon trap.

Here at we love the Havahart raccoon traps. They are the preferred choice of many animal control specialists, and they have been extensively field tested in order to ensure a high capture success rate and fewer escapes. The design is fairly simple: once an animal enters the baited raccoon trap, the spring loaded metal door snap shut, and the animal cannot escape. releasing the animal is as simple as opening the door and keeping a safe distance.

Here are our Top 5 Havahart Raccoon Traps:

canada goose expedition parka   Havahart 1079 Professional Single Door Raccoon Trap (32x10x12). Designed and used by professional trappers & animal control officers. Wire mesh with steel reinforcement. Galvanized to resist rust and corrosion. Spring loaded door snaps shut for quick secure captures. Smooth internal edges prevent injury to the animal.
north face parka   Havahart 1081 Professional Single Door Cage Trap for Large Raccoons (42x15x15). Same as above. Larger cage accommodates mature or larger raccoons. The size of the trap is designed specifically for larger raccoons and increase the likelihood that you will capture the right animal.
columbia whirlibird parka   Havahart 1089 Collapsible Single Door Cage Trap for Raccoons (32x10x12). Same as above with the exception that this is a collapsible unit that folds away for easy storage. Comes Fully assembled with instructions and tips on bait and trapp setting.
m-51 fishtail parka   Havahart 1045 Two Door Cage Trap for Raccoons (36x10x12). Two entry doors all you to capture more than one racoon at a time. Effective for mothers with babies. The mother will often follow the baby into the trap. For certain placement situations the extra door also increase your chance of capturing a single raccoon.
patagonia downtown loft down parka   Havahart 1050 Two Door Cage Trap for Raccoons (42x10x13). Same as above only designed for larger or mature raccoons. Bigger size discourages smaller raccoons and encourages larger ones. Fine mesh pattern reduces the incidence of bait stealing. Extensive field testing has proven all Havahart cage traps to have a high catch rate with fewer escapes.

Depending on how many raccoons you have to remove, and how big they are, you should purchase your traps accordingly in order to get the best results. As ssen above, Havahart offers several configurations including collapsible raccoon traps for every possible situation. All of the above raccoon traps are galvanized to protect against rust and corrosion. The insides of the cages are free from sharp edges that could potentially harm the animal.

If you don't feel confident about your ability to deal with trapped animals (even other than raccoons), it is advbisable to call a professional Raccoon Pest Control Specialist.